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Palm Sunday at St Paul's

Cake and Crosses

Following a successful after school event in Grange CE Primary School, led by the Young People’s Committee, the service of CAKES AND CROSSES on Palm Sunday Afternoon was extremely successful as well.

We were a little apprehensive before the service:  how many would come, would the children want to take part, would we manage the story ad hoc? Well, they came, they took part and they enjoyed it - and we were relieved and happy!  Just under 100 adults and children enjoyed the service. The cakes and drinks were much appreciated and people stayed on talking after the service.

Families took their place in the nave and the children claimed their own palm leaves and people masks. Nick welcomed everyone and told us of the journey, using our imagination, that we were about to make.

The crowd began to get excited, children dressed in tea towels joined the procession from the back of church, following Jesus. The crowd ‘went wild’, waving palms and shouting ‘Hosanna to the Son of God’. The entry into Jerusalem had begun!

The church was filled with singing ‘We have a King who rides a donkey’ accompanied by the playing of ‘instruments’. The crowd grew larger, with lots of audience participation, as we walked through the next 3 days of Holy Week.  Then Jesus led us to the Passover Table and broke bread to share.  

From there the crowd went on to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed whilst the disciples slept. The children really entered into the spirit of the occasion - and a few snores were heard!  Suddenly 2 soldiers appeared and dragged Jesus to the chancel steps.  The people followed to watch the events unfold. Jesus was tried and the people shouted ‘Crucify Him’.  Jesus died on the cross.  We sung ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord?’  Joseph of Arimathea asked permission to bury Jesus who was then laid in a tomb. The skies turned dark. There was an earthquake and the temple veil was torn from top to bottom with a very loud noise (Joyce and Margaret at the back of church with a dustbin lid and mallet!) The children in church went to look in the tomb – it was empty. Suddenly, a voice rang out ‘My friends it is true, I am alive!’ We sung ‘God’s not dead!’ The children were then invited to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection in an Easter Egg Hunt followed by drinks and cake.  

Many thanks go to Nick for narrating and unfolding the story and to Andrew for playing the part of Jesus. So if you enjoyed this service, come again to the next one. If you didn’t come, why not join us next time – look out for the cake service!  We were so pleased that the service was successful. The younger generations and their families are the future and we are committed to inviting them into the church and welcoming them when they come.

 ‘God blesses us and sends us to receive the children with prayer, faith and perseverance, commitment and joy.’