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Harvest Festival - 2013

Sunday 6th October

Thanksgiving Service 11am

A truly memorable service was held in St Paul’s to celebrate Harvest.  The church was beautifully decorated with autumn flowers, fruit and vegetables, and music was provided by the Cartmel Music Centre under the direction of Mrs Judith Pool.   The congregation was greeted on arrival by “Scary Mary” (a scarecrow) in the west porch!


The Rector had created a Jewish tabernacle or sukkah (a decorated tent) in front of the altar, and Year 5 children from the Primary School helped the Rector to to explain its purpose.  The Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles commemorates the fragile dwellings in which the Israelites lived during their 40 years in the desert after the exodus from slavery in Egypt. The Rector invited all in the congregation (82 adults & 10 children) to bring up a gift and place it in the sukkah - either a traditional harvest one or something representing a skill or something  they contribute to the life of the church.  Some of the more unusual gifts to be brought up included a wooden spoon, a plunger, a computer ‘mouse’,  a clock, a block of oasis, a camera, and a j-cloth!



Harvest Tea and Auction 4 pm


Later in the day members of the congregation returned to church to sing harvest songs, enjoy an excellent afternoon tea, and then to bid for the goods that had been given.  The proceeds of the auction go to US (formerly USPG), to support the training school in Bollobhpur Hospital, Bangladesh,  training nurse aides, who are much needed in a country that has a shortage of extra medical personnel. The students – mostly women – leave with excellent job prospects, enabling them to find support their families.